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2024 Whole Beef Share

2024 Whole Beef Share

10% off your remaining balance, locking in the price of $5.25/lb

20% off your remaining balance if you are a veteran or first responder family 💙

**This is for September 2024 beef shares!**


You will LOVE Highland beef! Highland grass fed and finished beef has less cholesterol than chicken and turkey. It is a leaner, healthier beef that we love and take great pride in rasing for ourselves and for our customers.


Our Highland cattle are roated on pasture during the summer and are fed hay over the winter that we raise ourselves with very minimal to no grain needed to finish them before processing.

The Highlands shaggy coat provides warmth in cooler months resulting in a leaner and healthier beef while maintaining good marbling and excellent flavor.


*orders placed before November 2023 will be locked in at the price below. Orders placed afterwards are subject to change*


This is for whole share of beef It is priced at $5.25/lb hanging weight- Expect 550-625lbs for a whole beef with the final product weight being about 55-60% of the hanging weight.


Total cost without processing will average $2600-$3200

The remaining balance will be invoiced once final hanging weights are established.

Deposits are non refundable, however, they can be moved to a different butcher date



Your beef will be ready October 2024

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